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Metal Rubber Seals Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Brand : SDVV

Product origin : GERMANY

Delivery time : 3-5 DAYS

Supply capacity : 20000PCS

Deep Groove Ball Bearings with metal seals, rubber seals. Large stock with reasonable price. CO,CQ certificate can be supplied.

Factory supply Metal Rubber Seals Deep Groove Ball Bearings 



Metal Rubber Seals Deep Groove Ball Bearings are available in open and sealed designs. they are versatile, self-retaining bearings with solid outer rings, inner rings and ball and cage assemblies.

They are of a simple design, robust in operation and easy to maintain.


Product details:

Brand: SDVV or as your need

Material: Chrome steel (Gcr15), Stainless Steel, Carbon steel

Seals Type: Open, Z, ZZ,RS, 2RS,RZ,2RZ

Clearance: C0,C1,C2,C3,C4,C5

Precision: P0,P6,P5,P4,P2

Delivery Time: 3-5 days after payment


Z: Pressed steel shield at one side of the bearing

2Z: Z shield at both sides of the bearing

RS1: Synthetic rubber seal with sheet steel reinforcement.Rubbing seal at one side 

of bearing

2RS1: RS1 seal at one side of the bearing

RZ: Single low friction seal on the side of the rubber sheet

2RZ: Double low friction seal on the side of the rubber sheet


Bearing stock list:

Limiting Speed
With metal sealWith rubber sealdDB(kg)(rpm)
6000 ZZ6000 2RS102680.01936000
6001 ZZ6001 2RS122880.02232000
6002 ZZ6002 2RS153290.0327000
6003 ZZ6003 2RS1735100.03925000
6004 ZZ6004 2RS2042120.06921000
6005 ZZ6005 2RS2547120.0818000
6006 ZZ6006 2RS3055130.11615000
6007 ZZ6007 2RS3562140.15513000
6008 ZZ6008 2RS4068150.19212000
6009 ZZ6009 2RS4575160.24511000
6010 ZZ6010 2RS5080160.2619900
6011 ZZ6011 2RS5590180.3858900
6012 ZZ6012 2RS6095180.4158400
6013 ZZ6013 2RS65100180.4357800
6014 ZZ6014 2RS70110200.6027200
6015 ZZ6015 2RS75115200.6386800
6016 ZZ6016 2RS80125220.856300
6017 ZZ6017 2RS85130220.895900
6018 ZZ6018 2RS90140241.165600
6019 ZZ6019 2RS95145241.215200
6020 ZZ6020 2RS100150241.255100
6022 ZZ6022 2RS110170281.964500
6024 ZZ6024 2RS120180282.074200
6028 ZZ6028 2RS140210333.553600
6200 ZZ6200 2RS103090.03229000
6201 ZZ6201 2RS1232100.03727000
6202 ZZ6202 2RS1535110.04524000
6203 ZZ6203 2RS1740120.06521000
6204 ZZ6204 2RS2047140.10617000
6205 ZZ6205 2RS2552150.12815000
6206 ZZ6206 2RS3062160.19913000
6207 ZZ6207 2RS3572170.28811000
6208 ZZ6208 2RS4080180.36610000
6209 ZZ6209 2RS4585190.4079200
6210 ZZ6210 2RS5090200.4638500
6211 ZZ6211 2RS55100210.6077600
6212 ZZ6212 2RS60110220.7836900
6213 ZZ6213 2RS65120230.996400
6214 ZZ6214 2RS70125241.076100
6215 ZZ6215 2RS75130251.185800
6216 ZZ6216 2RS80140261.45400
6217 ZZ6217 2RS85150281.795000
6218 ZZ6218 2RS90160302.154700
6219 ZZ6219 2RS95170322.624400
6220 ZZ6220 2RS100180343.144200
6221 ZZ6221 2RS105190363.73900
6222 ZZ6222 2RS110200384.363700
6224 ZZ6224 2RS120215405.153400
6226 ZZ6226 2RS130230405.823200
6228 ZZ6228 2RS140250427.452900
6300 ZZ6300 2RS1035110.05327000
6301 ZZ6301 2RS1237120.0625000
6302 ZZ6302 2RS1542130.08220000
6303 ZZ6303 2RS1747140.11518000
6304 ZZ6304 2RS2052150.14417000
6305 ZZ6305 2RS2562170.23213000
6306 ZZ6306 2RS3072190.34612000
6307 ZZ6307 2RS3580210.45710000
6308 ZZ6308 2RS4090230.6339200
6309 ZZ6309 2RS45100250.8338100
6310 ZZ6310 2RS50110271.077300
6311 ZZ6311 2RS55120291.376700
6312 ZZ6312 2RS60130311.76200
6313 ZZ6313 2RS65170332.085800
6314 ZZ6314 2RS70150352.525400
6315 ZZ6315 2RS75160373.025000
6316 ZZ6316 2RS80170393.594700
6317 ZZ6317 2RS85180414.234400
6318 ZZ6318 2RS90190434.914200
6319 ZZ6319 2RS95200455.674000
6320 ZZ6320 2RS1002154773600
6403 ZZ6403 2RS1762170.2715000
6404 ZZ6404 2RS2072190.413000
6405 ZZ6405 2RS2580210.5311000
6406 ZZ6406 2RS3090230.7359700
6407 ZZ6407 2RS35100250.9528600
6408 ZZ6408 2RS40110271.237900
6409 ZZ6409 2RS45120291.537200
6410 ZZ6410 2RS50130311.886600
6700 ZZ6700 2RS101540.001456000
6701 ZZ6701 2RS121840.002748000
6702 ZZ6702 2RS152140.003340000
6703 ZZ6703 2RS172340.003638000
6704 ZZ6704 2RS202740.005432000
6705 ZZ6705 2RS253240.006526000
6706 ZZ6706 2RS303740.007622000
6707 ZZ6707 2RS354450.01419000
6708 ZZ6708 2RS405060.02116000
6709 ZZ6709 2RS455560.02415000
6710 ZZ6710 2RS506260.03513000
6800 ZZ6800 2RS101950.00543000
6801 ZZ6801 2RS122150.00639000
6802 ZZ6802 2RS152450.00733000
6803 ZZ6803 2RS172650.00830000
6804 ZZ6804 2RS203270.01825000
6805 ZZ6805 2RS253770.02221000
6806 ZZ6806 2RS304270.02618000
6807 ZZ6807 2RS354770.0316000
6808 ZZ6808 2RS405270.03314000
6809 ZZ6809 2RS455870.0413000
6810 ZZ6810 2RS506570.05211000
6900 ZZ6900 2RS102260.0141000
6901 ZZ6901 2RS122460.01136000
6902 ZZ6902 2RS152870.01730000
6903 ZZ6903 2RS173070.01828000
6904 ZZ6904 2RS203790.03623000
6905 ZZ6905 2RS254290.04119000
6906 ZZ6906 2RS304790.04517000
6907 ZZ6907 2RS3555100.07314000
6908 ZZ6908 2RS4062120.11213000
6909 ZZ6909 2RS4568120.13211000
6910 ZZ6910 2RS5072120.13311000


Metal Rubber Seals Deep Groove Ball Bearings can be used for agricultural machinery, precision instruments, transmission, instrumentation, motors, appliances, internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, construction machinery, yo-yo, low noise motors, textile machine, Pump, Agricultural machinery.


Packaging Details:

1. Industrial packaging: plastic bag/plastic tube + kraft paper + carton + plywood pallets

2. Commercial packing: 1pc/plastic bag + color box + carton + plywood pallets

3. As the clients' requirement



1). If quantity is not very big, we will send you by UPS,DHL,FEDEX,OR EMS. Tracking number will be advised after delivery.

2). If order is big, we will advise you use Air Freight or Sea Freight.



Q: What's your after-sales service and warranty?

A: We guarantee below:

1. 12 months warranty from the first day of receiving goods;

2. Replacements would be sent with goods of your next order;

3. Refund for defective products if customers require.

Q: Do you accept ODM & OEM orders?

A: Yes, we provide ODM & OEM services to worldwide customers, we are able to customize bearings in different styles, and sizes in different brands.

Q: Do you offer free samples?

A: Yes, free samples can be supplied to distributors and wholesalers, however customers should bear freight.

Q: How long is the lead time?

A: The lead time for sample orders is 3-5 days, for bulk orders is 5-15 days.

Customer feedback:


SUN BEARINGS GROUP CO. LTD specialized in providing all kinds of Metal Rubber Seals Deep Groove Ball Bearings to the world.

Technical data sheet and certificates can be supplied.

If any question about our bearing price, delivery and quality, welcome to contact me to talk more!




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