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How to properly install non-standard bearings?

How to properly install non-standard bearings?

There are many kinds of non-standard bearing, including size, shape and material, such as inner ring protrusion, outer ring encapsulation, outer ring grooving and so on.Although the installation conditions of non-standard bearings are not very strict, some details should be noted.For example, when installing, it should be far away from the machines that produce debris or powder and water, so as to prevent pollutants from entering the interior of the bearing. Especially, sand particles are the most serious damage to the service life of the bearing.


Before installation, make sure to check the surface of the bearing, whether there is any attachment, as well as scratches, sand grains, rust and other phenomena.Because those attachments, scratches will form grinding on the surface of the inner ring of non-standard bearing, resulting in bearing damage.The corrosion effect is more serious, so the shaft neck and mounting hole must be thoroughly examined before installation. If there is any foreign matter or damage, the bearing should be disposed before installation.There are also conditions such as whether the inner and outer surfaces of various joints are clean or smooth, and if they are installed without cleaning, the bearing will be displaced in the course of use.

Although the installation operation of non-standard bearing is simple, it pays attention to the external environment, especially the details. Only by doing this can the life of non-standard bearing be prolonged.

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